Samosa Recipe

Samosa Recipe

What is samosa ?


Picorized as such from aperitif to dessert, dipped in a sauce or velvety, served with a salad for a complete meal, the small exotic puff pastries have no equal to make the meal swing.

Samosa is native to northern India and is found everywhere in this region of the world. It is eaten at any time of the day or night, as a small snack but also as an appetizer. This product, leaving its country of origin, has undergone some modifications to adapt to the taste of its new consumers. Thus, it is found sweet, with almonds or different peanuts in the Maghreb countries or very large (about 10 cm on the side) in Madagascar, the Comoros or South Africa.

What is wonderful with the samosa is that you can find a verity of samosa recipe on the internet. However, the classic samosa recipe is a small triangular donut garnished with a stuffing of vegetables (a vegetable samosa for those who are vegetarian), meat, fish, cheese, etc. Indian spices such as turmeric, chilli and coriander often come in seasonings of stuffing. The dough is based on flour, water and salt.

The secret of those small exotic puff pastries is their envelope which, once coated with butter, becomes crispy when cooked. To obtain a perfect result, two possibilities: the pastry sheets and filo paste, found in supermarkets and oriental grocery stores.

To garnish the small puffs, there is only one limit: your imagination.

In a sweet version, crisps are transformed into candies by sheltering fresh fruits (spring rolls of fruit with coconut, fruit cannelloni), possibly embellished with cold ganache (crispy pear with chocolate ganache), custard or caramel with salted butter.

The samosa comes under many other names : samosas, sambossa, samusa, chamuça, sambu, samsa, sambusak ...